Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

THING # 23

NOW it's Official! 23 THINGS ON A STICK ALL DONE! YES!!! Bring on 23 MAS ( more)..... What has changed for me is my thinking that ONLY Computer Literate People should attempt this. If I can master some of these Web TOOLS, anyone can AND should ! My favorites were the BIG LABS stuff. I thought I was done with this Blog yesterday . But here I am, already doing some more editing. My connection to others while doing this blog had a lot to do with asking for advice. When I'd get stuck on a THING, D-BLOCK was extremely helpful. THANKS AGAIN D.B. ! The unexpected outcome for me was that I finished at all. This is how I would describe my learning experience ....On my BLOG I Posted a VIDEO titled "BIG WAVES". If that was ME on that surfboard, those feelings would be the same as doing this blog. (I can't SURF either) ....ADIOS


THING # 22

I feel like the " LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD" !! I'm at THING # 22 !! I'm not sure I'll have the time to maintain THIS BLOG.... BUT I know I will be using these TOOLS and PLAYING with them somplace/somewhere.....
What I learned today is that I realized how easy it was for me to almost stop at BIG LABS and just play with them. I didn't believe I had enough computor experience to continue (much less start 23 THINGS ON A STICK in the 1st place). GRACIAS Y ADIOS

THING # 20 & 21 Social Networking

This THING brings a whole new meaning to " reach out and touch someone"! Personally, I'm not comfortable putting my personal stuff ( pics, video's, etc.) out there for just anyone to see. Although, I do like the aspect of being able to share pictures with family and friends. Currently I am not a member of any online communities. Probably due to the fact that I don't have a home computor. I'm familiar with MySpace though, because my daughter uses it to keep in touch with her friends . I can see myself sharing pics this way in the FUTURE.

Monday, March 31, 2008


Nice idea if all you want is to listen to or keep up on a certain subject , like sports, news, etc. Will PODCASTS take the place of radio stations? Estoy (I'm ) starting to feel like the person who saw her first car go speeding by at 30 mi. an hr. When was that ? Roughly 100 yrs. ago? Look at what we are up to now! WHOOOEEEE ! Pardon me, while I catch my breath... Doing 23 THINGS ON A STICK is really yanking me into the 21st Century ( it looks like everyone else is already there).

THING # 18 YouTubes & Other Sites

I didn't get THE WAVE I wanted, but I'm MUY FELIZ (very happy) that this one transferred to my blog.
It took a couple of ( OK, 4 or 5) trys. YouTubes are not my idea of how I would spend time on the internet. Entertainment value is there. There are sooooo many to look at! It could be a full time job just to watch . Anyway, putting a video on a blog sure adds some PIZZAZ to it ! I'm glad I got one on mine.